How Far Did The Enterprise Get Away From Earth?

According to LaForge, after the first leap, the Enterprise had traveled a distance of 2.7 million light years, eventually arriving on the far side of the Triangulum galaxy, also known as M-33. The distance between Earth and M-33 was unknown at the time this episode was recorded, with estimations ranging between 2 and 3 million light years at the time of recording.

How far did the enterprise travel from Earth?

As seen in the episode “Where No One Has Gone Before,” the Traveler’s modifications to the Enterprise-propulsion D’s system enabled the Enterprise to travel 2.7 million light years from the Milky Way Galaxy to M 33 in a matter of minutes, effectively blowing past several smaller galaxies along the way. According to La Forge, this was off the charts fast.

How long would it take the enterprise to reach Pluto?

The Enterprise seems to be at a standstill over the sun because it is traveling at Warp 1, or light speed. It would take the spacecraft 5 hours and 28 minutes merely to reach Pluto, which is around 3.67 billion miles (5.9 billion kilometers) distant from the sun and would take 5 hours and 28 minutes to reach the sun at light speed.

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How far away is Romulus from Earth?

It is 1878 kilometers (kilometers) and 100 meters (kilometers and meters) in total straight line distance between Earth and Romulus. The distance between Earth and Romulus is 1167 miles measured in miles.

How far did the enterprise travel in where no one has gone before?

The Enterprise is propelled at “off-the-charts” speeds to the M-33 galaxy, which is nearly 2 million light years distant from the Enterprise. Geordi La Forge notes that, according to his calculations on his console, it would take the Enterprise “almost 300 years” to get home if they traveled at maximum warp speed.

How far is Kronos from Earth?

Kronos and Krios are located around 350 light years distant from the planet Earth. They are believed to have formed roughly four billion years ago and to have come from the same interstellar cloud. They are traveling in the same direction across space and are expected to orbit each other slowly, with an anticipated time of around 10,000 years between them.

How far is Vulcan from Earth?

Vulcan is the planet where rationality, learning, and the much adored first officer Mr. Spock may be found, according to Star Trek legend. While Vulcan is a fictitious planet, the star system in which it is located–40 Eridani–is a very real one. Despite its close proximity to Earth, it is just 16.5 light-years distant, and its central star may be seen with the naked eye.

How far is Deep Space Nine?

According to the official Star Charts, the star system DS9 is approximately 63 light years distant from the planet Earth.

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How long does it take the enterprise to travel a light year?

For example, according to Jordi, the firm can traverse 2.75 million light years in 300 years at maximum warp speed. That indicates the Enterprise can travel 2,750,000/300 light years in a year, or 9,166.66 light years in a year. The speed of light is 670,616,629 miles per hour.

Is warp speed theoretically possible?

Warp drives are theoretically viable, albeit they are still a far-fetched technological concept. A pair of studies published in March made news when researchers claimed to have solved one of the numerous obstacles that stand between the idea of warp drives and the reality of warp drives.

How long would it take the enterprise to get from Earth to Mars?

“It was a long and winding road trip.” Consider the possibility that we wished to send a spacecraft to the planet in the same vein as New Horizons. At the moment, the probe is moving at a speed of around 36,000 miles per hour.

How far is the Klingon homeworld from Earth?

According to the Starfleet Medical Reference Manual, the planet “Epsilon Sagittarii B” served as the Klingons’ homeworld for thousands of years. There is actually a genuine star named Epsilon Sagittarii, which is located 143 light years distant from the Earth. The following is based on the book Star Trek: Star Charts (pp.

How long did the Cardassians occupy Bajor?

A military dictatorship had seized control of the Cardassian Union by 2318, and they invaded Bajor, holding the planet for fifty years, during which time they forced many Bajorans into slave labor, using them in their numerous mining activities.

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How far away is cardassia?

It was discovered that the system included a total of eight planets, four of which were habitable, along with two asteroid belts. In 1571, a Bajoran solar-sail vessel made a voyage to the system to explore it. The distance between Bajor and Cardassia was 5.25 light years at the time of the survey. On page 15 of Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 1, Issue 15, there is an explanation of the creation of Terok Nor.

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