Question: How Far Away Is Ds9 From Earth?

According to the official Star Charts, the star system DS9 is approximately 63 light years distant from the planet Earth.

How far is cardassia from Earth?

It was discovered that the system included a total of eight planets, four of which were habitable, along with two asteroid belts. In 1571, a Bajoran solar-sail vessel made a voyage to the system to explore it. The distance between Bajor and Cardassia was 5.25 light years at the time of the survey.

How far away is DS9 from Bajor?

It was discovered that the system had a total of eight planets, four of which were habitable, and that there were two asteroid belts in the system. In 1571, a Bajoran solar-sail vessel made a voyage to the system to observe it. A total of 5.25 light years separated Bajor and Cardassia in space.

Where is Deep Space 9 located?

Deep Space 9 (abbreviated to DS9) is a Federation space station in the Bajor Sector that was built by the United Federation of Planets. By virtue of its location near the entrance of the Bajoran wormhole, DS9 has risen to become one of the most strategically vital space stations in the Alpha Quadrant, in addition to serving as a hub for diplomatic and commercial activity.

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How far away is Romulus from Earth?

It is 1878 kilometers (kilometers) and 100 meters (kilometers and meters) in total straight line distance between Earth and Romulus. The distance between Earth and Romulus is 1167 miles measured in miles.

How far is Kronos from Earth?

Kronos and Krios are located around 350 light years distant from the planet Earth. They are believed to have formed roughly four billion years ago and to have come from the same interstellar cloud. They are traveling in the same direction across space and are expected to orbit each other slowly, with an anticipated time of around 10,000 years between them.

What is the Obsidian Order?

The Obsidian Order is the principal intelligence agency of the Cardassian Union, and it is based on the planet Cardassia. The Obsidian Order, one of the most vicious and effective groups in the sector, outperformed even the Romulan Tal Shiar when it came to information collection and clandestine operations, according to the Federation.

How long does it take to get to Vulcan from Earth?

We would need about 81,000 years to travel nearly 81,000 light years to reach the *nearest* star, according to the Real Vulcan. We won’t be able to go to 40 Eridani unless and until we fully transform the way we use energy as well as our methods of transporting people and objects across space.

Do the Ferengi join the Federation?

While the Ferengi Alliance participates in technology exchange programs with the United Federation of Planets, and by 2409, has become a member, it takes a neutral stance during wars, but was obliged to intervene during the Iconian War.

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Are bajorans warp capable?

A warp-capable humanoid species known as the Bajorans called the planet their homeworld.

How did Starfleet get DS9?

Deep Space 9 was taken by the Dominion on December 23, 2373, according to the Starfleet Reference Library’s Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library (“The Dominion War: Strategy and Battles, 2373-75”). On March 25, 2374, the Federation and its allies successfully recovered the station as part of “Operation: Return.”

Why did DS9 get Cancelled?

That was one among the factors that contributed to its final demise. What We Left Behind explains that the program was thought to be suffering from “middle child” syndrome, receiving callous indifference from the viewers while battling against the studio establishment, who didn’t want it to push too many limits.

Why did Terry Farrell leave DS9?

Terry Farrell stated that she needed time away. Terry Farrell has stated that she is having difficulty juggling her hectic schedule with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, in addition to her problems with Rick Berman. One of the primary reasons for Farrell’s decision to quit the program when her contract expired was because of this, according to her.

How far is the Klingon homeworld from Earth?

According to the Starfleet Medical Reference Manual, the planet “Epsilon Sagittarii B” served as the Klingons’ homeworld for thousands of years. There is actually a genuine star named Epsilon Sagittarii, which is located 143 light years distant from the Earth. The following is based on the book Star Trek: Star Charts (pp.

How wide is the Romulan Neutral Zone?

The breadth of the Neutral Zone on the map is approximately 1.1 tic marks. As a result, 1 tic mark would equal approximately 33 light minutes, or around 2000 light seconds.

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