Quick Answer: If Your Mass Is 70 Kg On Earth What Is It On The Moon?

On Earth, the object would weigh about 6 times more than it would on the Moon, mostly due to the fact that the moon does not exert as much force on the object as the earth. The mass, on the other hand, does not change. As a result, a 70-kg item on the moon is no different than a 70-kg object on the earth!

What is the mass of a 70 kg person on the moon?

Example: A 70kg human would weigh 686N on the earth (70kg x 9.8), however on the moon, where the gravitational acceleration is around 1.62, the same 70kg person would weigh 113N. This means that they would weigh 11.5kg on a pair of scales that were calibrated for the earth’s weight.

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How much would a 70 kg man weigh on the moon what will be his mass on the Earth and moon given G on moon 1.7m s2?

Answer: Because mass is the same everywhere, a guy would weigh the same on the moon as he would on the earth. = 114.34 N (approx.)

What gravitational attraction does the moon have for a 70 kg person on earth?

As a result, we are not intimately aware of the Moon’s pull on our bodies (which is around 0.0007 newtons for a 70-kilogram person), owing to the Moon’s distance from us (384,400 kilometers) and its mass (1.2 percent of the Earth’s mass) (although this weak attraction is enough to cause ocean tides). All things in the cosmos are drawn to one another via gravitational attraction.

What is the weight of a 70 kg person on earth?

A 70 kg individual weights 706 Newtons on the surface of the planet (or 160 lbs).

What is the weight of a 60kg person on Earth?

Gravity’s acceleration is equal to the product of mass multiplied by the product of acceleration. Gravity accelerates the earth’s surface at a rate of around 9.8 meters per second square on the surface of the planet. Because of this, on Earth the weight of an item with a mass of 60 kg is approximated by the formula (60 x 9.8 = 588 N).

What is formula for mass?

One method of calculating mass is as follows: mass = volume x density. Weighing something is a way of describing the gravitational force that acts on it. The metric unit of mass is the “kilogram,” which stands for kilogram.

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How much would a 70 kg man weigh on the moon G on moon 1.63 Metre second square?

Gravity is commonly measured in terms of the acceleration due to gravity, which is symbolized by the letter g. It is 9.8 m/s2 for the planet Earth. And for the moon, the speed is around 1.63 m/s2. As a result, your weight on the moon’s surface is only 11.63 kilograms (kg).

How much would a 75 kg person weigh on Earth?

In the equation W = mg, W denotes weight, m denotes mass, and g denotes gravitational acceleration. (On Earth, it is 9.8 meters per second-2) As a result, W = mg = 75 * 9.8 = 735 N is the person’s weight on Earth (Full form of N is newton) The mass of a person remains constant throughout the universe, yet the weight of a person changes from one location to another.

How do you calculate your weight on Earth and moon?

Calculate your weight by multiplying it by the moon’s gravitational pull in relation to the earth’s, which is 0.165. Solve the equation in your head. In this example, you would receive a product weighing 22.28 lbs. For example, a person who weighs 135 pounds on Earth would weigh slightly more than 22 pounds on the moon.

How much does a 70 kg astronaut weight in space far from any celestial body what is her mass at this location?

What does a 70-kg astronaut weigh in space, thousands of miles away from any celestial body? What time does her mass begin and end at this location? As previously stated, the astronaut is actually weightless in the indicated position since there is no huge body (planet or star) nearby to impose a gravitational effect on him or her. Her weight remains constant at 70 kg, regardless matter where she is.

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What can we say about it’s weight if an object has a mass of 70 kg?

The unit kg(m)/s2 is also referred to as a Newton in some circles. As a result, the individual’s weight would be 686 N.

What is the weight on Earth of a person with a mass of 65 kg?

Calculate the weight of a human whose mass is 65 kg, taking into account the earth’s gravity of 9.8 m/s2. It is sufficient to apply the preceding method in order to calculate the weight of a person on Earth. Answer: In which m = 65 kg and g = 9.8 m/s2 are constants. w = 637 Newtonian.

What is the weight on Earth?

For example, if you weigh 100 pounds on Earth, you would weigh 107 pounds on Saturn since the surface gravity on Saturn is approximately 107 percent that of Earth’s surface gravity (assuming you could find someplace to, well, stand). As a result, when we talk about “surface gravity,” the term “surface” raises the question of what we mean by “surface.”

What is the weight on Earth of a 20kg object?

The weight of the earth is 196 Newtons (newtons) ( N ).

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