Quick Answer: What Is The Size Of The Moon, Earth And Sun?

The Earth, the Moon, and the Sun

Object Eq. Diameter (km) Diameter Relative to Earth
Earth 12,756 1.0x
Moon 3,475 0.27x
Sun 1,391,016 109.1x

How do the Moon Earth and sun compare in size?

The bottom line is that the diameter of the sun is approximately 400 times greater than that of the moon — and that the sun is approximately 400 times further away from Earth. As a result, as viewed from Earth, the sun and moon look roughly the same size.

Which is bigger Earth sun or moon?

When you look at them in the sky, the sun and the moon appear to be roughly the same size, yet this is only due to the coincidence that the sun is around 400 times further away from the moon and also approximately 400 times larger than the moon. When the sun is placed where the Earth is, the moon would be somewhat more than halfway to the sun’s surface if it were placed there.

What are the actual sizes of Earth and moon?

In order to explain the Moon’s diameter to younger children, you might tell them that it is about 0.25 times the diameter of the Earth (3,475 km (Moon diameter) / 12,742 km (Earth diameter = 0.25).

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What is the size of Earth’s sun?

It has a diameter of 864,000 miles (1,392,000 km), which makes it 109 times broader than the Earth in diameter.

Is the Moon and Sun same size?

Sun and Moon are diametrically opposed to one another in terms of their absolute sizes. The Sun has a diameter of 1.4 million kilometers, but the Moon has a diameter of just 3,474 kilometers. To put it another way, the Sun is approximately 400 times the size of the Moon. Because we are looking at the Sun and the Moon from the same angle, they appear to be almost the same size.

Are the Moon and Earth the same size?

When compared to the Earth, the moon is somewhat bigger than one-fourth (27 percent) of its size, a far greater ratio (1:4) than any other planets and their moons. The average radius of the moon is 1,079.6 miles (1,737.5 kilometers).

Which is bigger moon or star?

The star, which is about 130 light years away from Earth, has a radius of around 2140 kilometres, which is just 400 miles larger than the moon. The star is about 130 light years away from Earth and has a radius of about 2140 kilometres.

How big is the moon?

When measured in meters, the Sun’s diameter is 1. 4109 m while the Earth’s diameter is 1. 4109 m.

What is the distance between Moon and sun?

What is the distance between the Moon and the Sun? The Moon and the Earth are both the same average distance away from the Sun due to the fact that they orbit each other and because the Moon orbits the Earth orbits the Sun. The Earth and the Moon are around 150 million kilometres (or 93 million miles) apart from the Sun on average!

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Is Sun bigger than Earth?

The sun is located in the center of the solar system, where it is by far the greatest object in the entire universe. Approximately one million Earths could fit within the sun, which contains 99.8% of the solar system’s mass and measures approximately 109 times the circumference of the planet.

How old is Moon?

Using the moon’s mineral makeup, scientists calculated the moon’s age to be roughly 4.425 billion years old, which is 85 million years younger than what earlier research had determined.

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