Readers ask: If A Man Weighs 198 Lbs On Earth How Much Does He Weigh On The Moon?

An object’s weight on the Moon’s surface is roughly one-sixth of what it weighs on the Earth’s surface, which is a significant difference. As a result, an item weighing 198lbs on the surface of the Earth weighs roughly 33lbs on the surface of the Moon.

How much would a 180 lb man weigh on the moon?

If you were to put your weight on the Moon, it would only be 33 pounds. When you are on the Moon, why is your weight so much less than when you are on the Earth? It’s because the Moon has a lesser gravity than the Earth.

How much would a person who weighs 200 pounds on Earth weigh on the moon?

On the moon, a person who weighs 200 pounds on Earth would weigh around 32 pounds in comparison.

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What is the weight of a man on Moon if his weight on Earth is 60 kg?

The gravitational pull of the Moon is roughly 1/6th the intensity of the gravitational pull of the Earth, therefore a guy who weighs 60kg on Earth would only be 10kg when he is orbiting the Moon.

How much would I weigh on the moon if I weigh 120 pounds?

In comparison to your Earthly weight of 120 pounds, you will weigh approximately 20 pounds on the moon.

Does a 180 pound person on Earth weighs 30 pounds on the Moon?

The Moon has a gravity that is approximately one-sixth that of the Earth. When compared to the Earth, an astronaut weighing 180 pounds would weigh around 30 pounds when compared to the Moon.

What is the weight of a blue whale on the Moon?

To put this in context, a blue whale weighs around 200 tons. This equates to 181,437 kilos of weight. Thus, the mass of a blue whale is approximately 405,000,000,000,000,000 times greater than the mass of the Moon.

How much would a 200 pound person weigh Mars?

What would I weigh if I weighed 200 pounds on Earth and was transported to Mars? – Quora is a question and answer website. As a result, you would weigh about 75.88 pounds (or 75 pounds and 14 ounces) if you were to land on Mars. You would lose 62 percent of your body weight, or around 76 pounds.

How much would a 60kg person weigh on earth?

Using kg as the unit of mass and 9.81 m/s2 as the unit of acceleration due to gravity on the earth, your answer will be in Newtonian units. 60 kg multiplied by 9.81 meters per second equals 588.6 N.

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What is the weight of a 60kg person on earth?

Gravity’s acceleration is equal to the product of mass multiplied by the product of acceleration. Gravity accelerates the earth’s surface at a rate of around 9.8 meters per second square on the surface of the planet. Because of this, on Earth the weight of an item with a mass of 60 kg is approximated by the formula (60 x 9.8 = 588 N).

What is the weight of a man of 48 kg on moon?

If you weigh 48 kilograms on Earth, you will weigh the same amount on the Moon.

What is the weight of Earth?

Calculate your weight by multiplying it by the moon’s gravitational pull in relation to the earth’s, which is 0.165. Solve the equation in your head. In this example, you would receive a product weighing 22.28 lbs. For example, a person who weighs 135 pounds on Earth would weigh slightly more than 22 pounds on the moon.

How many pounds Pluto weigh?

A. You would be about 4 pounds heavier than you are now on Pluto.

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