How Much More Massive Is The Sun Than Earth? (Solution found)

The terms mass and volume are interchangeable. The sun has a mass of 1.989 x 1030 kg, which is approximately 333,000 times the mass of the Earth.
What is the size of the Sun in relation to the Earth’s surface?

  • The circumference of the Sun is 1,392,000 kilometers, whereas the circumference of the Earth is 12,756 kilometers. The Sun is enormous when compared to the Earth.

How large is the sun to the Earth?

In comparison to Earth, the Sun is approximately 1 000 000 (a million) times larger, which indicates that you could fit approximately a million Earths inside the Sun.

Is the sun less massive than Earth?

The mass of the Sun is immense, being 330.000 times more than the mass of our planet, which is 5.9 quadrillion kg.

How many Earths can fit in the sun?

It is estimated that around 1.3 million Earths may be contained within the sun’s volume when the volume of the sun is divided by the volume of the Earth.

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What is bigger than the universe?

No, the universe is made up of all of the solar systems and galaxies in the universe. Our Sun is simply one of the hundreds of billions of stars that make up our Milky Way Galaxy, and the universe is made up of all of the galaxies — billions of them – that make up the Milky Way Galaxy.

Is the Sun 300000 times bigger than Earth?

The Sun has a circumference of 864,400 miles (1,391,000 kilometers). This is approximately 109 times the circumference of the Earth. The Sun is approximately 333,000 times heavier than the Earth. There are approximately 1,300,000 planet Earths that can fit inside of it due to its immense size.

What would happen if the Sun exploded?

If the Sun bursts, all human and plant life on Earth will perish at some point in the future. Scientists predict that the sun will gradually get colder and larger, and that it will eventually become a red giant. The planet will most certainly engulf Mercury, Venus, and Earth as it begins to grow, and these three planets will be destroyed in an instant.

How big is the biggest star?

On a stellar scale, it’s actually rather ordinary – around half of the known stars are larger than the Sun, and half are smaller than the Sun — With a radius almost 1,700 times greater than that of the sun, UY Scuti is the biggest star known to have ever existed in our cosmos.

Is the sun getting stronger?

With the passage of time, the Sun’s temperature (or radiance) continues to rise. Every billion years, according to astronomers, the Sun’s light will grow by roughly 6%, or approximately 6 percent. Although this rise appears to be insignificant, it will render the Earth unsuitable to life in around 1.1 billion years.

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Is it possible for the sun to explode?

Is it possible that the Sun will become a red giant and eventually go supernova? No, it won’t explode since it doesn’t have the mass to do so. As a result, it will shed its outer layers and condense into a white dwarf star that is approximately the same size as our planet at this time. A planetary nebula is the luminous gas that surrounds a dying star that is similar to the Sun.

Will the sun ever burn out?

It is estimated that the sun has between 7 billion and 8 billion years remaining until it sputters and dies, according to astronomers. The human race may have long since vanished by that time, or we may have already colonized another planet.

Will we ever land on the sun?

However, if you glance about, you’ll notice that there’s nothing here for you to really land on because the sun doesn’t have any solid surfaces to speak of. It’s nothing more than a massive ball of hydrogen and helium gas. As a result, instead of landing on the photosphere, you’ll be sinking further into it.

Can you fit 1 million Earths in the sun?

Approximately one million Earths could fit within the sun, which contains 99.8% of the solar system’s mass and measures approximately 109 times the circumference of the planet.

What is the bigger than the sun?

Betelgeuse is a crimson behemoth that is approximately 700 times the size of the sun and almost 14,000 times brighter. “In our research, we have discovered stars that are 100 times larger in diameter than our sun. That is an incredible number of stars, indeed “On its SpacePlace website, NASA explains how the program works.

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